Can you unlock all 23 evolutions before getting killed?

 You start as a small and quick fighter with bludgeon, your aim is to stay alive and kill other oponents. Collect enough points to evolve into a bigger warrior.

Beware! On your way to collect all evolutions you will become slower so watch out for smaller warriors who attack from every angle because one clean hit is enough for your game to be over!

Hours of great fun playing EvoWars will test your concentration, what really matters here is your reflex. Half a second late hit from your side makes all the difference on this deathmatch arena!

- Use cursor - move
- Left mouse button - attack
- Right mouse button - speed boost (uses XP)

- It is best to focus on collecting orbs while you're a low level
- The bigger you are the slower you are but your weapon range improves!
- The smaller you are, the faster you are, use your advantage!
- Big orbs give more experience than the small ones, but kills give the most
- When attacking, be sure to have the opponent on your right side where you hold your weapon
- Don't be afraid of losing experience for the speed boost, it's better to lose some than to lose it all by dying

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